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Making Your Child Choose The Best Hobby

All humans need a pastime to make their lives more interesting, to learn new things and share experience with others. Hobbies develop perceptions and make one passionate about something; be it cooking, gardening, collecting stamps, reading, listening to music or even sewing, it can add a new dimension to life. Nevertheless some people consider hobbies to be a waste of time and money; this is mainly due to the new digital era hobbies such as browsing the internet or playing video games have tarnished the reputation of “hobbies”. But real hobbies can even be an additional income generator, such as making cakes or sewing. Either way it is important that you direct your child to choose a worthy hobby from when they are little. It can make their lives more interesting and exciting, also make them more proficient and increase overall productivity.  

What options to consider? 

Among a thousand different hobbies what will your child be interested in? Let them have an idea of what a hobby is and how much time should be allocated for it. Some may find it too easy to spend time on a certain topic if they like it very much. In other words it can be addicting. Therefore make your children understand how it works; so they can research by themselves, talk to other students and friends and choose the perfect activity they think is suitable. Encourage them to involve in activities that can add value to school life, too, such as reading, or collecting samples of plants, rocks etc. Making them read more Hong Kong English books will direct them to accumulate a better knowledge base which can help in doing school projects, choosing a subject stream and so on.   

Time, dedication, and obligation   

Make your children understand that they need time to advance in hobbies. You can’t achieve the status of grandmaster in stamp collecting in one day, or even one year. As kids tend to get disheartened pretty quickly, it is the parents’ responsibility to reassure them; if after a considerable time they still feel it is not going to work out, of course, there are many other options they can choose from.  

Also they have to be given the right to choose any hobby regardless gender; if a girl wants to be a rock climber or a mechanic in her pastime she sure can go ahead. And a boy should be proud if they are good in handwork or cooking.  

Preserve what you have  

After some time your kids will outgrow simple childhood hobbies such as collecting game cards or stickers. But when they are older with their own kids, they would love to see what they had done all those years ago for fun. So preserving what they collected also should be a part of the hobby. For example, stamp collectors have special stationary to have them conserved. Similarly you can find gadgets online for other collectibles as well.  

Childhood is a beautiful dream that you will never get to live again. Tell that to your kids when you encourage them to choose an off-time activity and engage in it as a hobby.  

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